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  1. jessica tritt says:

    After 8 weeks of crossfit, I realize that there is NO OTHER PROGRAM that comes close. Results are immediate! Thanks for showing me the way Jenny!!
    No question, I’m ALL in!!!!!!

  2. Tao Berman says:

    I’ve been a professional kayaker for the past 10 years. CrossFit is the best compliment to my kayak training that I have found. Thanks CrossFit Cashmere for the great workouts! I’ll see you next time I’m in town.

    Tao Berman

  3. Christian Wood says:

    I have just completed on ramp and I feel and look better than ever ! I just turned 38 years old have a 6 pack and can give my son who is in college a run for the money !!! Looking forward to the real training to begin… Bring it on Jenny !!!

  4. marco says:

    Hi Gang I always have a hard time explaining what is CrossFit if you are the same you can always refer people to this comment.

    this is an official definition found on Wikipedia

    CrossFit is the trademark name for a strength and conditioning fitness program that is marketed by CrossFit, It is used in gyms worldwide and by various fire departments, law enforcement agencies and military units.[citation needed] The program, which combines weightlifting, sprinting and gymnastic],s is noteworthy for its use of a virtual community Internet model

    CrossFit is intended to promote overall physical fitness in ten fitness domains: cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, agility, balance, coordination, and accuracy. It uses powerlifting, Olympic weightlifting, kettlebells, dumbells, gymnastics rings, pull-up bars, and bodyweight and calisthenics exercises. CrossFit practitioners perform a variety of activities including running, rowing, skipping, rope climbing, jumping, carrying objects, and quickly moving large loads over long distances.

    Official CrossFit affiliates operate at the United States Military Academy at West Point, at more than 40 U.S. military bases worldwide and at the Royal Danish Life Guards headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark.[citation needed] CrossFit is being adopted by a growing number of U.S. and Canadian high school physical education teachers and by teams at both the high school and college level.

    CrossFit Inc. certifies CrossFit trainers and approves applications for gyms to become affiliates. Affiliated gyms are required to pay an annual affiliation fee. Because CrossFit is not a franchise, its affiliates are free to provide other fitness training.

    Classes at affiliated gyms often include a warm up, a skill development segment, and a high-intensity timed workout that lasts 10 to 20 minutes. Many affiliated gyms use scoring and ranking systems to transform workouts into sport. Athletes may use the workouts and instructional videos available at the CrossFit, Inc. website in lieu of visiting an affiliated gym. Special programs have been developed for children, pregnant women, seniors, football players, military special forces candidates, and endurance athletes including triathletes, runners, swimmers and rowers.[6]

    CrossFit, Inc. was founded by Lauren Glassman and former gymnast Greg Glassman. The first CrossFit affiliated gym opened in Santa Cruz in 1996, and the CrossFit website was launched in 2001. The number of affiliated gyms has grown from 18 in 2005 to over 1,600 in 2010. CrossFit has applied to be the first fitness organization accredited by ANSI, the American National Standards Institute. Weightlifting coaches associated with CrossFit include Louie Simmons, Bill Starr, Mike Burgener and several national and Olympic level competitors.Other CrossFit subject matter experts include Dr. Nicholas Romanov, inventor of the Pose Method of running and Dr. Barry Sears, originator of the Zone diet.

  5. florida01 says:

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  6. Andrea Allen says:

    After rowing at the UW for 4 years I felt burned out and did not want to compete any longer. I called myself “retired” from athletics. I would go to the gym occasionally and had trouble lifting weights alone after being a part of such a highly regimented program. I found out about CrossFit a few months ago and decided to give it a try. I absolutely love it and am getting awesome results. The workouts are short and demanding; I get much more out of a 20 minute session than I ever did from lifting weights in the gym. The workouts are functional and made for people like me with a busy schedule. I feel stronger and more energetic. My old injuries are finally healing and I feel great! Thank you Jenny and Marco, you guys are awesome!

  7. Sami Sykes says:

    hey jenny it sami and i was just wondering if you are going to still have kids classes because iI went today and no onewas there! so I am still going to the adult classes tonight too!!! can wait thank you very much

  8. Kristi says:

    I have been doing crossfit for a couple of months now. The results really have been very immediate, even though I only average about three days a week. I’m doing crossfit so I can lift my baby’s carseat, and my 43 lb 2 year old without getting a back injury! I feel like the everyday things and keeping up with my kids are SOOO much easier since I joined crossfit. I don’t think I can ever go back to a regular gym. Thanks Jenny!

  9. Jenny LBC says:

    I started CrossFit six months ago. I needed an alternative to the sport I loved (running) because of chronic foot and back injuries. I had tried other gyms and fitness classes with no luck –besides the boredom, I didn’t feel comfortable trying new exercises for fear I would exacerbate my injuries. I was stuck.

    I knew enough about CrossFit to know that it can make you crazy in-shape. I figured I’d never be able to hack it or keep up. But I was out of options, so I decided to give it a try.

    Jenny returned my call right away and met with me the same day. She was clearly experienced and knowledgeable about training people with injuries. I was nervous about the idea of working out with super buff athletes (the only muscles in my body worth a damn were my legs. I had successfully avoided pull-ups my 45 years of life and “girl” pushups were the only kind I knew), but Jenny assured me that there were many levels of fitness at CrossFit Cashmere and that I really could heal and improve my fitness at the same time.

    I am trilled I didn’t let my intimidation get to me. In the past six months:

    •I have received constant, consistent and professional training instruction every time I work out (every!)…and I’m not getting any more attention than anyone else at Crossfit Cashmere.
    •Because of the presence of the trainers at each workout, I can push my limits and not worry about injury.
    •I have significantly improved my overall body health and strength. I sleep better.
    •I have completely healed my feet and have a fool proof method for keeping my back healthy.
    •I have experienced a pride in my physical abilities I didn’t think was possible.
    •I still have some of the lowest scores in the class and am damn proud of each one.
    •I feel a part of a really fun community. It’s real – supportive, entertainingly competitive, and very family friendly.
    •I can run again.

    Thank you Jenny & Marco & everyone at Crossfit Cashmere!

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  11. Jean-Luc says:

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  12. Mitch says:

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