Friday 04/27/12

Posted: April 26, 2012 in Uncategorized


Deadlift 1RM

Shoulder Press 1RM


6 ways to help hit a PR on the Deadlift

1) Sleep – if you are over tired, a max effort is a tall order. Make sure you get a good nights sleep!

2) Loosen your Hips – a thorough warm up that includes  hip opening calisthenics can increase your range of motion and help to “wake up” the muscle groups. A light jog and a few push ups wont cut it.

3) Eat good food regularly – A max effort relies entirely on energy that is stored in the muscle. Your nutrition program needs to be CONSISTENT and BALANCED in order to promote success at heavy weight.

4) Quit thinking about it!!! – If you do so choose to work yourself into a twit over picking up a bar, do it with intention.  Provide yourself with a positive outlook about what your weight goal is by visualizing yourself picking up the bar at that weight. Positive affirmation works.

5) Don’t drop your shoulders – The moment that your shoulders  begin to roll forward the bar travels out away from the body and the upper torso begins to fold forward causing strain on the lower back. It is important to set the shoulder blades down and back to lock it in.

6) Be SMART – Set a goal for yourself that is : Sustainable/Measureable/Achievable/Result oriented/ Timely


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