Cheater cheater! What is cheating and how much can I do it without being caught?!

Posted: March 21, 2012 in Uncategorized

It’s not even the beginning of the Paleo Challenge, and I’m already thinking of ways to cheat…that’s so bad…Or is it??? I’ve been eating approx 80% Paleo for about 2 months, and I have to say, reeling in that final 20% can seem daunting. I’m not expecting perfection, but I’m sure I can tighten the reins a bit.

So how can I cut down that final percentage of non paleo food and still have some creature comfort? I have to ask myself. What exactly am I trying to achieve from the 5 week paleo challenge? Creating a sustainable lifetime diet is the goal for myself and my family. We all love sweets and baked goods. My family snacks a lot, actually, we snack all the time. Finding replacements for these snacks is going to be key, and finding ones that my kids will actually eat will be the true test. I’ve read on many Paleo blogs about snacking. Lots of folks frown to it. Using replacements for flour (ie.almond meal or coconut flour)  opens a door of eating the foods that they miss and they are concerned they will fall into the same ol’ carb-sugar trap.  I however, do not think that way. I love snacking. I just have to find the right snacks to have. Baked goods using paleo friendly foods are still not ment to be the base of your diet. It can be great to enjoy a paleo muffins or pancakes, but…all things in moderation. I have found some great recipies for snacks that my kids will love too, and I will begin posting them very soon.

With all that being said, lots of people are asking about how strict they need to be on the paleo challenge. To that I say, ANY change you make for the better is great! If all you can do is omit dairy, great! Stick to it for 5 weeks and see how you feel! Strict paleo calls for no added salt or sweeteners, and no coffee. Remember, I am looking for a sustainable diet. This 5 weeks will be a time of exploration. Taste is a major factor for me. If it tastes like shit, I don’t want to eat it.  Recipies that I post may be modified from their origianl version if I think they need a “taste- lift”.

I have decided to continue with pure Sea salt, and if a dessert recipe calls for honey or pure maple syrup, I’ll do that too. I’ll try to key note anything that is not strict, and can be taken out if chosen. Now, my beloved coffee. Yes, I will drink 1 cup of BLACK coffee in the morning. Do I consider that cheating? Maybe, but this is not meant to be torture!!!  I may find that I don’t need it after all!!!  Now the big one, CHEAT DAYS: yes or no? I’m not really sure at this point. After talking to Courtney, my BFF, (who has committed to the challenge with me) I am still undecided. I know if I have cheat days it will probably be with her…. (Sorry girl, you know its true). I think cheat days lead to my failure in the last paleo challenge. I gave myself every Saturday off. For me it was a bad idea.  It loaded me up on sugars & carbs that will threw me off balance, and honestly made me feel good at first, but very bad later. The “bad later” part was hopefully supposed to be enough to make me run back to paleo the following day. That didn’t work for me. I found myself extending my cheat days to cheat weekends and so on, until I was pretty much off the challenge and eating my usual junk again. I love going out to eat with friends, and I love beer. Margaritas with a side of mexican food is quite possibly the worlds most perfect combination. So…I think that well planned “outings” will be the way for me to go. I will plan on a night out (or in) once a week or so when I can loosen my grip on the paleo challenge. Changing those Cheat DAYS to MEALS. It will not be in my best interest to refrain from Paleo for an entire cheat day. But I want to leave room for those times when eating paleo my not be an option. You need to establish what your “rules” will be, and it will be up to you to maintain.

For my kids,I will be a BIT looser with the paleo diet. They are kids after all..I will be juicing a lot for them, and they absolutely love it. I can’t believe I can get my kids to drink an entire glass of kale-spinach-carrot juice with a bit of a apple and red grapes. It’s like a treat for them. I have mentioned getting a juicer in my previous posts, and if you have kids, it will REALLY help them get those much needed micro nutrients when they are fighting with you about eating brussel sprouts. It’s money well spent.

We are getting closer to Day one, and I am composing a list of foods for the first week….recipies, and a shopping list.  I’m just a little bit excited!!!! My kitchen is a testing ground, and my husband, Jeremy gets to taste the goods first hand.  ( I think he enjoys it when I hand him a big bowl full of food and say “Here, eat this.”).

Next post: Crossfit Training and Paleo : A New Age Way Of  Mimicking our Primal Ancestors Chase For Food.  Seriously.

Happy Eating!  Jessica

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