Wednesday 03/14/12

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NO CLASS– This thursday morning 03/15/12 , Afternoon WODs will be held as scheduled at 4:30 & 5:30.



For time:
Run 1 mile
Row 2K
Run 1 mile


– Contesting fitness: The CrossFit Games –

The sport of fitness, which will be contested next month in the CrossFit Games,  will necessarily require arbitrary standards and rules to be established for the sake of sport.These standards are human creations, which often get reified to the status of natural laws. The push-up must be performed with a rigid body.The pull-up isn’t complete unless the chin comes over the bar. The squat requires the hips to drop below the level of the knees. And so on.

 Let’s go one step further. The standard for the pull-up is chin over the bar. But, pulling the sternum to the bar results in even greater capacity, particularly in terms of transference to other activities such as the muscle-up. So why not make the standard be sternum to the bar? In the handstand push-up, range of motion is limited by the ground. Why not make the standard be parallette HSPUs with the ear dropping below the hands or the shoulders touching the parallettes? For every defense of a particular standard, there are legitimate arguments for a different one. There is rarely a truly unarguably “right” standard. In the end, the right standard is the one everyone agrees on, if just for the duration of the contest.

 There will be a set of standards established for the Games, as for any other contested sport. Those standards will be consistent for at least the weekend, but I think it’s predictable that at least some of the standards will change or evolve over time.

 It is at our peril that we forget the arbitrary nature of standards. The sport of fitness is a subset of general fitness. The CrossFit benchmark workout “Fran,” for example, is an obstacle or test. It is also a tool for forging elite fitness. A competent mechanic both requires and possesses a wide variety of good tools. Yet the tool doesn’t make the mechanic. It has to be used properly. We define elite fitness as great work capacity across broad time and modal domains. Yet no sport has broad time and modal domains on anything close to the scope of real life. By definition.

For the sake of consistency, measurability, and repeatability, we can (and must) establish rules and standards for benchmark workouts and tests such as “Fran,” “Diane,” and “Grace,” and for the Games in general. But this is simply so that the Games can be run efficiently, effectively, and fairly. “Fran” done “substandard” but with intensity will not win any competitions, but it will still improve the athlete’s work capacity across broad time and modal domains. This distinction is essential. – Tony Budding, CrossFit Journal Issue #70

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