Tuesday 08/30/11

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For Time

30 Power Cleans

Mechanics  – Deadlift, Positions for Oly lifts, Burgener Warm up for the clean.

Power Clean – The Power Clean starts with the bar on the floor.

  • Deadlift.  Pull the barbell from knee to thigh level using your hip muscles.
  • Rack Position. Lack of wrist & triceps flexibility makes it impossible to rack the weight correctly. Practice the rack position.
  • Hang Power Clean. Pull the weight from mid-thigh level to your front shoulders. You’ll spend most time practicing this one.
  • Power Clean. Clean the floor from the barbell by pulling the bar to your shoulders. Piece of cake once you master Hang Power Cleans.

The Movement.
The Power Clean consists of 2 pulls. You’ll spend most time working on the technique of the 2nd pull which is trickiest to learn.

  • 1st Pull. Pull the barbell from the floor to your knees. The 1st pull is similar to a Deadlift and is a slow movement.
  • 2nd Pull. Pull the barbell from your mid-thighs to your shoulders by extending your hips. The 2nd pull is an explosive movement.

Check out this guy doing many floor-overhead, very fast.


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