Monday 04/18/11

Posted: April 18, 2011 in Uncategorized

Q: What is up with programming three “oh my god sore” producing workouts in a row last week?! – Mike

A: We are following the mainsite :
All the workouts are posted there daily. The entire membership has been constantly improving its ability level. So now, time for CrossFit Cashmere to step onto the mothership and follow as many 3 on 1 off cycles as possible.
YES, this will mean that there will be more barbell work.
YES, you will attempt wods as Rx’d

YES, you will get sore

BUT, there will be smiles all around you.

Cheers- jenny

muahhh hhaaaaa haa haaaa!

100m sprint
50 push ups
100m sprint
50 sit ups
100m sprint
50 squats
100m sprint
50 back ext

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